Travel Planning
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Travel planning can assist businesses seeking to become cleaner, greener and more efficient through actions encouraging alternative and sustainable methods of transport. Developing a tailored travel plan contributes to your company’s aims to reduce local carbon emissions, be seen as a more responsible employer, increase transport options for employees and visitors as well as assisting with staff recruitment & retention and encouraging more active lifestyles amongst employees and also reduce travel costs.


Smart Green Business travel advisors, will work with you to develop a travel plan that is tailored to your business. The travel plan will make recommendations and will support you through offering sustainable solutions such as cycling, walking and public transport, to your stakeholders, including employers, customers/clients, visitors, and the wider public.


Developing and implementing a travel plan can significantly reduce your CO2 emissions and it is something that all employees can get involved in. By taking advantage of the benefits outlined above, your employees may also save time and money on commuting & business travel, improve their health & wellbeing and contribute to your overarching carbon reduction aims.

By engaging in the actions developed in your travel plan you will be making a direct contribution to reducing carbon emissions in London, and contributing this benefit to Smart Green Business achievements.

For more information about travel planning, contact your local BID or the Smart Green Business Management Team.