that we can bring to your business

Smart Green Business offers seven environmental services to SMEs in central London...

This service is about helping you to minimise waste. Recycling collections for your business can be easy to set up, with the help of your local BID. Reducing, reusing and recycling your waste could lower your waste collection and disposal bills. These savings will increase as the cost of disposing of waste to landfill continues to rise. You can promote a positive and responsible image to your customers by implementing recycling practices for your business.

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Our resource efficiency clubs will enable you to work with other businesses in your area to reduce your resource consumption and waste production, as well as increase energy efficiency, overall environmental performance and sustainability. You will be able to attend practical workshops and seminars, networking events and expert lectures, as well as engage in local projects, best practice exchange, online forums and joint procurement actions.

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Green procurement is focused on ensuring environmental considerations are weighted along with quality, price, availability and reliability of products, services and materials when choosing suppliers.  We can help you to fulfil green procurement criteria so that your business can join large supply chains that have environmental requirements. Green Procurement should help you to help make sure that your business is as sustainable as it can be both by the way you and your suppliers conduct business.

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Through a visit to your premises, we will audit how efficiently your business uses water, energy and other materials, as well as how it disposes of waste. We’ll provide a clear report that will include an action plan to help you monitor your resource consumption, in order to reduce it.  Reducing water, energy and material consumption will be achieved whilst ensuring the highest efficiency possible in resources used, as well as money savings. We can also give you information about further support that may be available through government grant schemes, enhanced capital allowances and other loan schemes.

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We can help you to draft or improve your environmental policy – a key document for environmental management in general and for any organisation looking into improving their environmental performance in particular. Your engagement in environmental management can be as simple as a step-by-step implementation of main management stages but also lead up to BS 8555, ISO 14001 or EMAS accreditations.

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This service is about promoting Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), working with a range of London Universities and linking them directly with businesses. The aim of this service is to encourage innovation and knowledge transfer with SMEs receiving business support through their collaboration with an academic institution. The role of KTPs in general will be introduced to businesses and support and advice given to those who may want to take the opportunity further. This process should ultimately enable innovative new products and services to be developed in a sustainable perspective.

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Travel planning can help to address your company’s transport and travel issues as well as reducing local carbon emissions and aiding your efforts to be seen as a responsible employer. We’ll develop a tailored travel plan for your organisation, which will set out a programme of recommendations to help your staff, customers and visitors to use alternative and sustainable methods of transport, ensure efficiency, encourage increased levels of health & fitness and reduce overall travel costs. 

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