Green Procurement
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Green procurement means choosing products and services that have a minimal impact on the environment, raising the profile of your business’ green agenda. By fulfilling green procurement criteria, you will be able to join larger supply chains, including public sector supply chains that include environmental requirements. This can open up business opportunities for you and help make London a sustainable world city.


We will work with you to help make sure that not only is your business as sustainable as it can be, not just through the way you conduct business, but also through checking the practices of your suppliers.

Environmental considerations can avoid unnecessary purchases, identify greener products, and provide guidelines for contract specifications and whole life costing. Products purchased can make a real difference to the environment and improve your resource efficiency. The products sought through green procurement will do some or all of the following:

  • use fewer natural resources (by being made out of recycled materials for example);
  • consume less energy or water in production or use;
  • generate less waste (by using less packaging for example);
  • contain fewer hazardous or toxic materials;
  • have a longer life span;
  • be reusable or recyclable on disposal.


Through this service your business can receive support in signing up to the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code and fulfilling the criteria within it. The combined purchasing power of London based companies has huge potential to positively tackle the capital's waste problem, reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the Mayor of London’s target of cutting the capital’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2025. By signing up the Green Procurement Code you can reduce the effects of your activities on the environment.

The Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code looks at the sourcing of green products and technical product specifications as well as management and behaviour change. A broad range of environmental considerations in procurement is taken into account: from energy efficiency to the use of sustainable natural resources and from buying recycled content products to minimising vehicle emissions.

For more information about the green procurement in your area, contact your local BID or the Smart Green Business Management Team.