Environmental Performance
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An energy audit will assess how efficiently your business uses energy and disposes of waste. This audit will give you an idea of your environmental performance across all types of energy usage and help you to ascertain where most focus is needed to improve your environmental credentials.


The audit will include a visit to your business premises and will assess your:

  • energy use
  • waste production and recycling arrangements
  • CO2 emissions
  • use of renewable materials
  • supply chain and procurement processes
  • travel arrangements and plans
  • willingness to act as green champions to partner businesses
  • level of environmental management

The aim of the visit is to identify opportunities to reduce water and energy consumption and identify cost saving opportunities that will benefit your business. We’ll do this by looking round your site and looking at data collected beforehand, as well as any additional data available on site.


You’ll get a clear report that will include an action plan, which will summarise the opportunities for reducing your energy and waste consumption, how much they will cost and the payback periods. We will be able to provide you with further support as appropriate through:

  • follow-up visits to help you implementing saving measures;
  • guidance on carbon reduction commitments and actions;
  • information about other support that may be available namely through government grant schemes and enhanced capital allowances.

For more information about energy audits, contact your local BID or the Smart Green Business Management Team.