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We can help you to implement an environmental management system (EMS) in your organisation, or to improve an existing one. Key to having a robust and effective environmental management system is an environmental policy, which is a simple document outlining your commitment to manage your business's environmental impact.

We can work with any of the following accreditations:

  • Smart Green Business Environmental Management accreditation offering SME's accreditation to BS 8555 level 3 stardard as a minimum;
  • BS 8555 accreditation is offered to businesses who want to implement their environmental management system in stages. We will help your business to complete six separate phases, which can be individually certified and delivered flexibly through group and one to one sessions.
  • ISO14001 is an international standard for environmental management. Once you’ve got BS 8555 accreditation, we can support you to gain the ISO14001 standard.
  • EMAS, the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme is a management tool for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance. EMAS recognises and rewards those organisations that go beyond minimum legal compliance and continuously improve their environmental performance.


We will provide advice and guidance about Environmental Management Systems as well as flexible training and support to help you achieve your accreditation. You’ll be supported throughout the training timeframe and beyond.

If you don’t have the resources to work towards accreditation, we will be able to offer you other solutions that will help you to improve your environmental performance and resolve environmental issues, as well as acknowledge the work you do carry out in this area through the Smart Green Business environmental recognition scheme.


A policy will help to reassure customers and clients of your social responsibility, can assist public relations and has the potential to increase market share. It identifies what you are doing to minimise environmental impact and commits you to continue to improve and monitor environmental performance.

Each industry has its own key areas of environmental impact. We will work with you to consider what action can be taken to minimise impacts, by looking at the resources your business uses and helping you decide if they can be reduced or sourced more locally for example.

There is no standard format for an Environmental Policy, but your can help you develop one, which may include a commitment to:

  • comply with environmental legislation
  • continuously improve environmental performance
  • monitor performance and periodically review progress
  • educating employees in the environmental impact of their work
  • using sustainable resources
  • conservation and efficient energy and water use
  • waste reduction and recycling
  • energy efficient and sustainable transport
  • minimising the use of harmful chemicals
  • use of LOAF (local, organic, animal friendly and fair trade) food and drink

For more information about environmental policies and environmental management systems, contact your local BID or the Smart Green Business Management Team.