Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) encourages collaboration between businesses and universities to improve competitiveness, productivity and performance. A KTP can build on and complement the achievements reached through other Smart Green Business services.  A Smart Green Business KTP could help you to:

  • acess highly qualified people to spearhead new projects
  • access experts who can help take your organisation forward
  • develop innovative solutions


Specialist support helps you identify how a Smart Green Business KTP might contribute to your strategic environmental goals.  We will explore with you how a KTP could deliver sustained environmental improvement, innovation and leadership and help you through the initial stages of setting up a KTP.

Smart Green Business and Better Bankside BID are working with a range of London universities who can partnerwith SMEs.  KTPs are part-government funded and require SMEs to make a financial contribution towards the costs of the project.


Smart Green Business KTPs embed new capability into your business.  They can address a particular environmental need or goal and can help you develop new products or services that contribute to environmental sustainability in an innovative way, ensuring at all times that the project makes good business sense.  These outcomes are delivered through one or more projects undertaken by a recently qualified person (known as an Associate) who is recruited specifically to work on these projects.

For more information about the KTP in your area, contact your local BID or the Smart Green Business Management Team.