About Smart Green Business

Smart Green Business is designed to help SME businesses in central London save money and improve their environmental performance. Cross River Partnership (CRP) manages the project on behalf of a range of delivery and strategic partners. The project will run until March 2013.

Smart Green Business helps SME businesses in central London to improve their environmental performance through one or more of the following:

  • Increasing recycling and material savings
  • Achieving water, energy and CO2 savings
  • Reviewing green procurement and green marketing practices
  • Implementing active environmental policies
  • Reaching accreditation level for environmental management
  • Considering sustainable travel opportunities

How Smart Green
Business works

Delivery partners

Westminster City Council is the project’s lead partner with responsibility for overall project finances with Cross River Partnership managing overall project delivery. Our delivery partners are:

Strategic delivery partners

  • Camden Climate Change Alliance
  • Islington Climate Change Partnership
  • London Borough of Lambeth

Strategic partners

  • Business Link in London
  • London BIDs